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Seminar on April 19

(Summary By GongShu)
Time:17:30~18:30,April 19, 2011
Place:A508 of the second lecture building
Member:Zheng Hainan, Wang Junqi, Liao Zhengyong, Sang Yitao, Ma Hongjun

PartⅠ Presentation

Scope of the presentation: Chapter one

1.Please give us an overview of this chapter.
2.Which part of this chapter most impressed you? And why

Zheng Hainan:
This chapter can be divided into three parts: characteristics of the corporation, the six forms of partnership and the relevant law.
The most impressive part is “The limited liability company”. It is a very special form of business with limited liability of the members but not subject to state franchise taxes. It’s an genuinely novel business form of great flexibility.
Wang Junqi:
The main clue of this chapter is the “eight major issues”. By answering the eight issues, she gives us a brief description of all the modern business form.
The most impressive part is the characteristics of the corporation and the general partnership. By comparing the differences between them, we can fully understand the eight issues and the key factor to choose the business form.
Liao Zhengyong:
The book I read is the fourth edition .The first chapter is the corporation in perspective, and the author introduces three major business forms in US. Comparing these different forms, it is hard for us to say which form is best. Before the manager makes a choice, he has to take income tax treatment as an important factor into account.
Sang Yitao:
This chapter contains three parts: introduction, the different forms of business and the relevant laws.
The most impressive part is 1.4~1.7. Every partnership form has a rather different character with the partnerships in our country.
Ma Hongjun:
This chapter can be divided into two parts: introduction and the different part of
The most impressive part is the different characters of all the business forms with our country.
The first chapter mainly tells us the corporation in context. Through the eight questions asked when determining the business forms, the author makes a clear description of the characters of the main business forms. Incidentally, the author discusses two relevant problems——law of agency and federal income tax.
The most impressive part is the explanation of the business capital. There are two different ways of raising the capital, getting loan or selling ownership interests. This explanation is the foundation of many important issues of the corporation.

Free talk

1.Who do you think is the best speaker in today’s meeting? And why?
2.Please give us some advice about this study meeting.

Zheng Hainan:
I think Liao Zhengyong’s oral English is very good and Wang Junqi is well prepared.
Advice: please show us the topics before the discussion.
Wang Junqi
I think Zheng Hainan do very well today.
Advice: we should raise some questions in the later discussion.
Liao Zhengyong
I think Zheng Hainan is the best speaker; she is not nervous and can express herself smoothly.
Advice: we should increase the interactivity and do not just read our prepared papers..
Sang Yitao
I think Zheng Hainan do very well today.
Advice: we should pay more attention to the comparison with our country.
Ma Hongjun
I think we all do a very great job today.
Advice: we should pay more attention to the comparison with our country.

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